To University of Iowa Students:

Students at The University of Iowa are a large and diverse community of individuals who hold many different, sometimes contradictory, opinions and beliefs. Learning, living and working closely with others in this community inevitably produces conflict. Some conflict is positive, allowing members of the community to learn from each other and engage in spirited discussion and debate, but other conflict is demoralizing and even harmful if not handled in a respectful way. I hope that in addition to fulfilling your academic goals, the university environment provides you with many opportunities to develop good conflict management skills. This website offers suggestions for resources on campus and beyond to assist you.

Sarah Hansen
Vice President for Student Life 


Student Resources

Best Practices

  • This document describes effective conflict management strategies and skills for the entire campus community, with links to additional resources.

Just-In-Time Resources

  • Offices that provide quick coaching for students in conflict are described.

Off-Campus Housing

  • Resources to help find and effectively manage off-campus housing.


  • Links to policies relevant to students are provided.
  • Offices that can help with a number of problems undergraduates may face.

Problem-Solving Resources for Undergraduates

Problem-Solving Resources for Graduate and Professional Students

Resources for Dealing with Conflict

  • A variety of resources that can help with conflict are listed.


  • A number of offices are available to help students dealing with problems or conflicts.