To University of Iowa Staff:

The effective management of conflict is an important part of building and maintaining a positive work culture. It is reflected in our core values, by maintaining a sense of community and respect for individuals, and also in our values of responsibility, integrity and diversity as we work to achieve excellence. When not managed effectively, conflict can create a work environment in which conflict spreads, may cause individuals to leave, may result in absences, and will generally make any work group less productive. Therefore, to enjoy the quality of work life that will engage and support individuals in their work at the University, we need to make sure that conflict in the workplace is managed appropriately. This requires the efforts of everyone in the University community.

This website will help acquaint you with the various resources available to you to help resolve conflict. While our tendency at times may be to avoid conflict or pretend it doesn’t exist, experience has shown that conflict is most effectively addressed at the local level. Therefore, it is important to address conflict in its earliest stages, before it becomes damaging or escalates to the point that resolution becomes difficult, if not impossible. Resolving conflict at the earliest stages is typically the easiest and most effective opportunity to resolve conflict.

Please use the resources listed on this website to help resolve any conflicts you experience, and help us make the work experience for all at the University of Iowa the very best it can be. 

Cheryl Reardon
Chief HR Officer and Associate Vice President
University of Iowa

Staff Resources

Best Practices

  • This document describes effective conflict management strategies and skills for the entire campus community, with links to additional resources.

Just-In-Time Resources

Performance Management


Resources for Dealing with Conflict