Office of the Ombudsperson: offers informal, confidential and neutral problem solving and conflict management for faculty, staff and students and provides mediation and advocacy for fair treatment and fair process.  The office is a safe place to discuss any concerns about the University or its policies and procedures. The office will direct visitors to additional resources as needed.

Rape Victim Advocacy Program (RVAP):  provides counseling, in-person advocacy, information and referrals to people who have experienced sexual assault and harassment. Our services are free and confidential. RVAP staff and volunteers are certified sexual assault advocates who accompany individuals to the hospital, police department, the Office of the Sexual Misconduct Coordinator, and to criminal or institutional proceedings. Counselors provide individual and group counseling to assist victims and significant others in dealing with the impact of trauma. RVAP offers programs and training (e.g., healthy relationships, respect, and sexual abuse/harassment) to the University community.
Rape Crisis Line (24 hour):  319-335-6000

UI Employee Assistance Program (UI EAP): a confidential, voluntary Employee Assistance Program offering services to University of Iowa faculty, staff and their dependents. Up to four free sessions are available with a licensed mental health professional for the purpose of assessment, referral, and short-term counseling. UI EAP partners with University of Iowa Behavioral Health to offer sessions in three convenient locations.

University Counseling Service (UCS): offers free, confidential counseling services to University of Iowa students. The UCS assists students with any personal, emotional, or academic issues that prevent the attainment of academic and personal goals. The UCS is staffed by licensed psychologists and psychologists-in-training.

Women's Resource and Action Center (WRAC): offers advocacy, counseling, information and referral services as well as support groups, a lending library, and educational programs.  All services are free and confidential, and are available to any UI student or employee, and all members of the community.  The Center provides a safe space to discuss concerns about harassment (including online harassment), abuse, or discrimination, and connects individuals with additional resources as needed.